All fixed prosthetic elements (porcelain), which are not in the bonded structure have a five year warranty. Elements in the bonded structure have a seven year warranty. The warranty is void if it is established by experts that the patient damaged the product due to negligent behaviour (during hygiene care, examinations, injuries of the outside of the oral cavity). In this case you will be charged for the repair of the coating or for a new coating, if repairing the old one is not possible. We offer a discount for complicated prosthetic procedures.

Service Price
Dental examination and consultation 50 €
Dental trepanning 50 €
1 surface filling, amalgam 50 €
2 surface fillings, amalgam 55 €
3 surface fillings, amalgam 65 €
1 surface filling, composite 50 €
2 surface fillings, composite 55 €
3 surface fillings, composite 65 €
Placement of glass ionomer cement 20 €
Placement of composite 30 €
Ceramic inlay 350 €
Adoro inlay 210 €
Bonding with a parapulpal pin and composite or amalgam 105 €
Bonding with a radicular pin and composite or amalgam 105 €
Root canal treatment per session (manual) 90 €
Root canal treatment per session (machine, Maillefer) 90 €
Radicular anchor or pin (individual gold) 100 €
Radicular anchor or pin (ready-made pin) 30 €
Radicular anchor or pin (ready-made zirconium) 100 €
Coating (ceramics fused to metal) 210 €
Pontic (porcelain fused to metal) 210 €
Coating or pontic (e max) 320 €
Coating or pontic (zirconium) 350 €
Ceramic coating on the implant 420 €
Aesthetic dental veneer 350 €
Dental rest in the adhesive bridge, if in inlay 45 €
Removable prosthetic replacement (total, partial) 700 €
Removable replacement prosthetic (total, partial) with a Kennedy rest or anchors, cast base 900 €
Placement 100 €
Simple repair 50 €
Complicated repair 80 €
Very complicated repair 100 €
Root cap (periodontally supported prosthesis) 210 €
Anchor (joint or fixture) 250 €
Dental plaque removal 50 €
Teeth cleaning with sandblasting 60 €
Peeling and smoothing the arch 150 €
Laser therapy (Helbo) 300 €
Digital X-ray, orthopantomogram 20 €
Tooth removal 60 €
Tooth chiselling plus stitching 100 €
Braces in periodontal therapy (composite) 50 €
Braces in periodontal therapy (metal + composite) 60 €
Aesthetic jewels 70 €
Teeth whitening (in office) 400 €
Bredent implant with artificial bone/Bredent implant without artificial bone 1.000 € / 750 €
Bredent implant: bonding with a ball abutment Included in the price for the implant
Bredent implant: bonding with titanium abutment Included in the price of the crown
Apicotomy 150 €
Bruxism braces 100 €

Warning: Additional explanations, which were not added to the list, may be necessary for each of the listed services. No services may be carried out without prior preparations, suited to each patient individually.

All procedures are done in several phases. The number for these phases can be determined at the beginning or during the treatment. The number of phases depends on the requirements of each individual procedure. Regardless of the length of the procedure, the price is determined at the beginning of the treatment, it is recorded in the offer and does not change due to any encountered complications, unless this eventuality was discussed before the beginning of the treatment.